Citation Mustang



The Citation Mustang is an aircraft that is a true icon of value, space, and style. The Citation Mustang is designed for flights of up to 1000 miles, comfortably accommodating up to four passengers and their luggage. Premier Private Jet’s Citation Mustang features a beautiful new interior with warm taupe premium leather seats and matching carpet.

The cabin measures 9 feet 9 inches, providing a comfortable area to relax and 25 degrees of tilt in the aft seats to nap in. A side-facing lavatory is concealed with a privacy curtain, while small forward cabinets provide storage for ice and beverages. The cabin has forward and aft, 12 volt DC power outlets, stowed tables on each side, cup holders, and an aft storage compartment between the seats that houses folding armrests and nice storage compartments.

The Citation Mustang incorporates a surprising amount of baggage area including a ski tube capable of storing 191cm skis! The total baggage area allows for 620 pounds of baggage and 57 cubic feet of storage area. The side-facing lavatory also has the capability to be easily converted into a supplemental baggage area with a removable cargo net.


Specs & Amenities

 Seats 4 passengers comfortably

 Luxurious leather seating

 Full refreshment center

 Golf club storage

 Airstair entry for easy boarding

 Range of 1000 nm

 Cruise speed of 391 mph (340 KTAS)

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