Citation CJ2



The Citation CJ2 is a popular version of the Citation Jet and the Citation CJI. The stretch in the fuselage of almost three feet added room to accommodate an additional passenger, while keeping plenty of room for a galley. The natural laminar flow wing allows this aircraft to fly faster than its predecessors, all the while consuming much less fuel. The Citation CJ2 is a welcome addition to the Citation family.

The Citation CJ2 was first introduced in 2000 as an improvement to the Citation Jet. It was intended to have increased range, increased cabin room and increased speed. It succeeded hugely in all those aspects. The range increased 205 miles, allowing city pairs to be linked that were not originally available with the CJ and CJ1. The extra 31 inches of cabin room, afforded by the fuselage stretch, makes for a comfortable six-passenger cabin, up from a cramped five passenger cabin with cruise speed of 460 miles per hour.

The Citation Bravo was built on the basic Citation II airframe, The new aircraft was powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada PW530A engines. The main landing gear was replaced by the smoother-riding trailing link configuration adopted by other members of the Citation line, and the standard avionics suite was updated to the Honeywell Primus 1000 glass cockpit.

Premier Private Jet’s Citation Bravo offers the utmost in cabin comfort, luxury and versatility. Our Bravo has a fully stocked refreshment center to make your trip completely care free. Want to stretch out and doze? Cessna engineers redesigned the Bravo’s fuselage to reduce cabin noise to allow for a more relaxed flight experience.


Specs & Amenities

 Seats 7 passengers comfortably

 Luxurious leather seating

 Full refreshment center

 Fully enclosed private aft lavatory

 Golf club storage

 Range of 1500 nm

 Cruise speed of 460 mph (390 KTAS), Mach .705

 Maximum seating capacity of 8 passengers

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